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Welcome Weyrlings!

Latest Announcement: Congratulations Weyrlings from Peirith and Zaiventh's Clutch!

The primary purpose of this site is sharing your vignettes and RP logs. The WLM-team will also post any relevant class-RP logs here and announcements will be cross-posted here and on the game.

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Because the Mating Flight Handbook is so extensive and the IC info focuses on the flow and 'how-to' from an IC perspective of flights, we've broken down some quick facts in bullet-point format to help with some commonly asked questions about flights.

Mating Flight Quick FactsCollapse )
The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that flights are a spectator event, and something done for the enjoyment of the RP. They are NOT a private contest. Flights are a group "show" put on by the participating riders and "directed" by the female rider. Please feel free to ask any questions about any aspect of the mating flight process.

Throughout this lecture We'll be using 'he' and 'him' to refer to male dragons and their riders, and 'she' and 'her' to refer to female dragons and their riders.
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Weyrling Program: Week 7, Wing Tapping

To Do This Week ( Months 12 & 13 )

  • Wing tapping! The Wingleaders will be around to tap you into a wing.

  • Scheduled RP for this week will be a Tapping Celebration towards the end of the week. Please submit dates and times to the WLM-team to schedule this celebration.

  • Pick-up RP around a milestone or RP prompt for the week.

  • Write a vignette about one of the promtps for the week.

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Log: Week 5: Dragon Washing

Who: P'draig, S'fox, Sybil, Q'tar, Palimeth, Inorath, Xenoth
When: 9th Month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Lake Shore, Fort Weyr
What: Weyrlings washing dragons and hanging out with the Weyrlingmaster.

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Log: Week 4: Flaming Practice

Who: P'draig, Sybil
When: Month 8 of Weyrlinghood
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: Sybil, B'sein and others tackle flaming targets.

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Log: Week 5, Weyrling Party at Shipfish

Who: P'draig, Sybil, Suvain, T'mic, S'fox (also assumed in the background, the rest of the weyrling class)
When: Afternoon, day 16, month 8, turn 14 of the 10th Interval.
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr/Shipfish Island
What: P'draig trains the Weyrlings on the visual to Shipfish Island and gives them a little downtime to blow off some steam. T'mic crashes the party.

NB: This log is stitched together from separate scenes to make one seamless partay scene. Any weyrlings who didn't make it out for the trip on-camera, feel free to insert your character into the goings-on since the group split into smaller groups and camera focus shifted throughout the scene. Also 8 out of the 12 Weyrlings camped out overnight with the Weyrlingmaster while four returned to the Weyr with an AWLM around sunset. Finally, go ahead and assume that P'draig gave everyone the /morning/ off the following day.

Last one in's a rotten egg!Collapse )

Vignette Q'tar and Xenoth

It's an akward time when your lifemate is so protective that a simple touch on the arm sends him into a protective fury.



Vignette Q'tar and Xenoth

Xenoth hunts and lets Q'tar know how he does things, almost.



Log: Week 3: First Hunt

Who: P'draig, Jekzith, Sybil, Palimeth, Meribal (NPC), B'sein (NPC)
When: 5th month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Feeding Grounds, Fort Weyr
What: Palimeth and some of the other weyrling dragons take down their first beasts and chow down.

Just let him go?Collapse )

Log: Week 3: First Flight

Who: P'draig, Q'tar, W'nal (NPC), B'sein (NPC)
When: 5th month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Bowl & Sky, Fort Weyr
What: Some of the weyrlings tackle first flight together with their dragons.

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Week 2: Sybil and Palimeth

Who: P'draig, Sybil, Jekzith, Palimeth
When: Early third month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: Wyerlingmaster and Weyrling, Jekzith and Palimeth get better acquainted.

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Log: Week 2, RP Session: Blindman's Buff

Who: Suvain, Q'tar, R'us, S'fox, Siarith, Xenoth, Inorath, Lindith, P'draig, Jekzith
Where: Bowl near Barracks, Fort Weyr
What: The Weyrlings tackle finding their dragon partners blindfolded.

Last I checked, didn't have twelve eyeballs to follow twelve people.Collapse )

Log: Week 1: Checking in wtih Sybil

Who: R'us, Sybil, NPCs: Tr'lan, Dantanth,
When: Day or two after the Hatching
Where: Weyrling Barracks, Fort Weyr
What: R'us check in with Sybil post-Hatching. They chat about how things are going and a little about Q'tar.

Q'tar's lucky to have so dedicated a friend. He's going to need one.Collapse )

Log: Week 2: Sandbag Toss

Who: P'draig, Q'tar, NPCs: Meribal, W'nal, B'sein
When: Early Third Month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: Sandbag tossing practice

It'll take time to get all of our muscles built up.Collapse )

Log: Week 1: Suvain's Got Clothing Issues

Who: P'draig, Suvain, S'fox, Siarith, Inorath
When: 20:08 on day 6, month 4, Turn 14, of the Interval. It is a spring evening.
Where: Weyrling Barracks, Fort Weyr
What: Suvain's putting away her pretty frocks and lacking somewhat in work-a-day Weyrling clothes. P'draig and S'fox turn up to uh ... comment.

So just what are you going to wear now? Got anything left at all?Collapse )

Log: Week 1: Checking in with Q'tar

Who: P'draig, R'us, Q'tar, Xenoth
When: 11:18 on day 6, month 4, Turn 14, of the Interval. It is a spring morning.
Where: Weyrling Barracks
What: P'draig and R'us check in with Q'tar and Xenoth post-Hatching.

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Log: Hatching Day, Weyrling Side

A small part of the Hatching Cavern at Fort Weyr is set apart for the new weyrling pairs to do their initial bonding, first feeding and oiling. This is what took place there on hatching day.

Xenoth, Inorath, Palimeth and Siarith get settledCollapse )