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Who: B'kaiv and Chielyth, D'kai, Hattie and Elaruth, Jantha, Phara, Rhodya and Gedroth, W'ton and Dasarth
Where: Weyrling barracks
When: Mid-morning on day 21, month 2, turn 19
What: Post hatching the new dragons demand food and oiling and attention. The weyrlingstaff oversee it all.

Stolen from W'ton, further appended by D'kai with additional poses

B'kaiv stumbles across the bowl and into the barracks with the half-dazed expression common to the newly Impressed. If it weren't for the joyous green beside him, he'd be looking at nothing at all. "There's supposed t' be meat?" he asks of the room at large, tearing his eyes from Chielyth long enough to look about for assistance.

Phara is wringing her hands, prying the lid off a new barrel of meat scraps. Her head whips up when a new green stumbles through and the face behind her doesn't register. She's too busy fielding all the other weyrlings she's trying to settle. "Congratulations," she says automatically. "There's meat here. Feed her slowly, and make sure she chews. When she starts itching, there's oil for her. Everything you need is there." She points towards the vats of oil. "When she's ready to sleep, let her. /Try/ to get her into a wallow before she passes out though. We're going to be full up without dragons in the aisles." And then she's spinning away gracefully to intersect the next incoming.

As she prances along at B'kaiv's side, into the barracks, Chielyth laughs, a bright, golden, rippling sound just for her new rider. << Found me? Found /me/? >> Teasingly, she concedes, << Maybe we found each other, Kai. Are we going to find food together now, too? Pleeease? >>

Still looking quite dazed, Hattie takes slow steps to make sure that Elaruth can keep up, though the agitated movement of her hands likely betrays her mindset and destroys any air of calm she might be attempting. "She... She needs food," she says, frustration clear as she glances around and for whatever reason can't quite fathom where to look or what exactly to do next.

Gedroth trots rapidly after the rest of his clutchmates and comes to a halt, looking around bright-eyed at all the hubbub. What's all this? He warbles cheerily and moves forward, eager to meet everyone and see everything. Oh hey what's that on the ground? He comes to a stop and looks downward, nosing at someone's lost ribbon.

Phara smiles patiently at Hattie. "Of course she does, dear," the bluerider sooths. "There's a barrel of meat just there. Make sure you feed her slowly, don't let her swallow it whole. If she itches, there's oil in the vat. Once she's asleep, you're welcome to join the celebration in the living cavern."

"You helped," Kai tells his green, all seriousness (save for the smile that can't help but lift one side of his mouth). He accepts both meet and advice from Phara with a nod, and possesses enough presence of mind to escort Chielyth away from the barrels and to one of the unoccupied cots. "You gonna be able t' eat this?" he asks, holding a fistful of the raw meat down for her inspection.

Elaruth at once leans into Hattie and shivers away from the way her hands are moving, quite a trick. That hunger boils within her, and her nostrils flare to take in the smells, though even as she leans for the meat she quails at the other sounds and the sweat.

W'ton's got an unbelievably cocky grin in place when he steps off the sands. There's no stopping it. Not with the bronze coming along with him. Sorry, ladies, this man's taken for awhile.

Chielyth aims a flat look at her Kai, but it's hard to take her seriously when her eyes are twinkling like that. She noses at his hand and the meat in it, smearing it just a bit over her nose before she can take it away. And look, she can even chew, though clumsily; and when she's got that first piece out, her tongue darts out to try to lick at the mess on her face.

Bonk. That would be Rhodya, walking right into Gedroth. "Whoops!" she exclaims, but she's still so delighted she doesn't at all mind knocking her knees on him. "What you got there?" she wonders, dropping to a squat so she can investigate with him. She picks up the ribbon on her finger, holding it in front of nose. "Somebody's ribbon. Well, we're gonna leave it here for them, in case they come back looking. Too hard to find 'em all in such mess."

Jantha walks in with the last two hatchlings and their riders: they're a bronze and a green. She quickly secures a bucket of meat for each of them, and leaves them with the instructions, "Make sure they chew it properly." Then she turns to survey the class. "Anyone else need meat? W'ton? There you go." Another bucket is held out to the bronzerider with a repetition of the litany: "Make him chew it properly." It sounds a well-practised formula.

Gedroth looks up at Rhodya thoughtfully, a gleam in his eyes, then he's distracted again by motion caught out of the corner of his eye. What's that Chielyth has there? He dance-steps on over to have a look at the green and her meal, warbling a welcome. << Hello! That smells good. >>

Phara hustles to get the next round settled. "Oh, is that all of them?" She asks Jantha when the older rider enters, and hastily conducts a headcount. Confirmed, she starts making the rounds to check on the first to hatch, giving quiet advice on the best way to slather the oil on once the hatchlings' bellies are full.

Hattie nods at least half a dozen times over, only stopping the motion to give Elaruth a concerned - or confused - glance, but then she's right there with the meat, hoping to distract her for a little while. The hand not occupied with the meat shoots out unbidden to smooth over the little gold's head and someway down her neck, but somehow that isn't enough and she settles down beside her, tucked close if held somewhat stiffly.

W'ton's grin to Jantha is quick because he's got a bronze demanding much from him and he turns his attention directly to what Dasarth wants. "Easy there," he tells him with a chuckle when the hatchling tries to take more than the meat. "Leave me the hand or we won't be doing this again."

B'kaiv says, "I got that," and catches Chielyth's head to still it, rubs a thumb over the smear of blood. "Now you got t' chew... hello?" Here's Gedroth; Kai offers what remains of his handful meat to the brown, though he's looking around for someone to be stumbling after. Of course, as long as he's looking around, he might as well be looking at faces, and who's here and who isn't. "Eighteen," he says, then louder, "Eighteen. Where's the rest? Where's Su?"

Rhodya tucks the ribbon safely out of the way of tromping feet, but still visible under a not-yet-claimed cot, and scoots after her nosy dragon. Straddling him, she pinches him in place with her knees and grins at Kai after a glance at his dragon. "How d'you figure this one, huh? I got your big fella, you took my little lady." She takes the meat from him and holds it in front of Gedroth's face, tempting him. Her lips are sealed about Sulisah, but she gives Kai a sympathetic glance.

That close attention calms Elaruth, or at least lets her focus enough to actually eat, careful bites taken from Hattie's hand. As her hunger's eased, as the others' volume quiets, her thoughts begin to clear from the pained quicksand of those last loud moments on the hatching sands to more of a rustling that peaks with each swallow.

"That's the lot," Jantha confirms. "Anyone else still need meat? Rhodya?" Another bucket makes its way to the brownrider. "Don't let him take Chielyth's. And don't let him bolt it."

Phara is just there now, and B'kaiv's yelling, well, that just won't do. "Not everyone Impresses, Kai," she says gently. "Just wasn't the right time for her." She glances at Gedroth's invasion and blandly to Rhodya. "Do you need help feeding him, or do you think you can manage?" she asks, ever so polite, but the hint is there. A nod is given to Jantha. "How's your side?"

Gedroth is busily watching Chielyth still but hey, presto, meat in the face. Ooooooh. Meat! He opens his mouth and takes a bite, then another. << It's good. Very good, >> he decides and practically inhales without chewing. Whoops. Bolting.

Dasarth's impatient and when W'ton takes too long he tries to butt his head into the bucket of meat and feed himself. Luckily the weyrling bronzerider is able to pull it out of the way. "Enough," he says firmly although he does immediately find another piece of meat to feed to the bronze. Which seems to mollify the hatchling well enough for now.

Chielyth << Hello! >> Cheerily, Chielyth turns to Gedroth and bumps him with her nose in greeting. << It's food! Would you like some? Kai, >> and she turns back to her rider, as though expecting him now to care for both, until Gedroth finds his own. << Oh, you have it too? Oh, good, Gedroth. >>

B'kaiv half-stands, as though the extra height will show him where those missing faces are, but a gulp and slurp - Gedroth's, not Chielyth's - bring him back down with a thump, and wiping his bloody hand on his robe. "Don't think we're allowed t' trade," he offers to Rhodya, trying for a joke even as he's digging for more meat. He shoots Phara an unreadable look but nods, turns back to offer another handful to Chielyth. "He's got Rhodya t' take care of him - you concentrate on getting yourself fed now, a'right?"

Hattie slouches a little and she closes her eyes for a fraction of a second longer than a blink. One hand keeps offering meat, whilst the other keeps running over the same patch of hide over and over again in a soothing motion. The young woman herself seems quite detached from what she's doing and finally takes the time to look up and around at the others with her. "There, now... there, now..." gets murmured to Elaruth under her breath, though her eyes don't rest on the dragonet.

Such soothing repetition helps Elaruth further, and her wings drift backward now that she no longer needs them, hanging limply like so many diaphanous dishrags. At this rate, she could eat and eat and eat as long as Hattie keeps feeding her, until her belly is not only full but past.

"Aw, shucks," Rhodya answers Kai, grinning at him. Her non-bloody hand, which hasn't held meat yet, reaches out to give him a comforting pat on the shoulder before she hauls off, walking Gedroth between her knees, and moves over to the bucket of meat that some kind soul's already fetched for her. "Think I can manage," she tells Phara, "but you'd better stay close. He's greedy." She slaps Gedroth's muzzle - lightly, affectionately - and pulls out the next piece of meat for him. She looks him in the eye this time. "Now, chew it this time. Use those teeth of yours and mash it up." Just in case the definition of chewing escaped him.

Gedroth lets out a happy sound around his mouthful of meat at Chielyth's attention, then focuses on this eating thing. The slap to his muzzle startles a little and he squints at Rhodya. Chewing. Right. His tail-tip twitches as he pokes about in the bucket, then lifts his head to take Rhodya's offering and makes much of showing her that he.is.chew.ing.

Jantha takes a few moments to check on the little blue who managed to claw himself on the Sands, but he's fine, and a dab of redwort wards off any possibility of problems. Then she turns back to the rest of the class. "When they're full, they'll need oiling - we've oil here..." she points to it, "and rags and paddles. Oil them gently all over, and then find yourself a couch - you see where they're made up - and get them settled so they can sleep. If they're itchy, oiling will help. If /you're/ itchy, oiling /them/ will probably help!"

Phara grins brightly at Rhodya and laughs. "They're all greedy. He'll be greedy for days, I'm afraid. You'll get the hang of it. Bennath was so jazzed about the taste of meat, real excitable guy back then. They mellow, some of them." She turns her head and ambles away just a little to check on another new pair, but she's easily within range if Rhodya needs her, or anyone else around her. "Don't oil yourself!" Phara sings cheerfully at the end of Jantha's announcement. "It doesn't work."

Dasarth continues to eat having no desire to stop despite his growing belly. He will eat and eat and since he is rather bigger than most of the others it's only right he makes sure he gets his due. However eventually he grows less demanding on W'ton whose hand moves slower from bucket to gaping maw of hunger. The unbloodied hand lifts to rub along the bronze's head while he finishes up his first meal.

Eventually, Hattie has the sense to stop wordlessly handing over meat and moves away from her position all but plastered up against Elaruth's side to sit opposite her and conduct an intense study that involves leaning this way and that to make sure her eyes track over every inch of her form. When she settles again, she presses her lips together and her brows dip a little, but she asks aloud, "Had enough?" in a voice that makes it a statement and not really a question.

Chielyth nudges at Kai's hand again until he feeds her - or no, she's made a game of nudging his hand in between every bite. Sotto-voice B'kaiv names names, though he's handicapped by not knowing the names of the dragons those names are attached to. "...An' that's Hattie, an' that's Phara, an', um. Th' Weyrlingmaster. We got t' listen to them last two."

Rhodya's vision keeps fogging over, and she's blinking a lot to keep her head clear enough to hear the weyrlingmaster despite - one can only guess - having a talk with her dragon. She catches enough of what Phara says to chuckle at her, though. "I'll keep that in mind," she murmurs. Her vision wanders past Phara, taking in the rest of the weyrlings. Hattie, Kai, others she knew... whoa, Winston. She managed to miss that.

Elaruth's mouth reaches for more meat, but there isn't any, and at least she has the sense to not actually bite at her lifemate's hand in lieu. She nuzzles that hand as long as she's allowed it, as though that would make it magically appear, and meanwhile Hattie can look all she wants. Has she had enough? Of what? Her thoughts are questioning, a shadow of uncertainty, and her girl might start to feel the way she's begun to itch as though it were happening to her herself. At least she's started to look around even with her muzzle down like that, eyes whirling to take in at least a glimpse of Chielyth, of Gedroth, Toijath and the others.

Jantha makes her way round the group exchanging a few words with each weyrling. "So, Chielyth and... Kai, you said - is that your new name, or an old one? You need a rider name, you know. Is she getting full yet?"

Phara makes her way towards Hattie and bends down, hands on her knees, to smile. "Don't memorize too hard. At this age, they're going to grow like weeds. Especially the golds. The bigger dragons get, well, bigger, faster. Do you need more meat? I can get another bucket, if she's still hungry."

When the feeding is done and Dasarth is not trying to put his nose in the bucket to look for any last morsels he doesn't really need W'ton stretches his arms over his head and then grins at the bronze. He notes Rhodya and gives her a wide grin and a wink before he gets a head to the knees and has to pay attention once more to the one prancing in his head. The pair head towards where the oil is to see to the itching that's taking over both their minds around the beginnings of a need for rest. "He's a fine one," Rhodya gets told and Kai gets a nod as well. Hattie he seems to be not paying attention to. Other than the fact his eyes track right to her whenever he's not forced to be dealing with his bronze.

Gedroth busily eats but pauses to nudge his head against Rhodya for a moment. He's back to eating when the Weyrlingmaster approaches and his eyes turn towards Jantha, taking her in. << The One In Charge. Right? >>

B'kaiv, well-trained, holds out both his hands for Chielyth - the first to bump, the second to eat from - before tilting that bemused half-smile up at Jantha. "It's, uh, both. B'kaiv, I guess, but she calls me Kai. Most do." No guesses necessary as to who 'she' is. "I think she is. Havin' fun, though." Absently he reaches down with his non-sticky hand to scratch at an ankle. "You're, uh... Jantha, yeah?"

Rhodya's attempt to have a mental barrier breaks down, and she just starts talking out loud to the dragonet now. "How right you are, baby. Heck with him." Grinning at Gedroth, she scratches the back of his neck with one hand, feeds him more meat with the other. Her wandering gaze continues its wandering, following her dragon's cue this time and landing on Jantha. "That's right. Clever boy. And there's others we're gonna listen to, see," she stretches an arm over his nose, placing her hand where he can see it and follow along with the sweep of her pointer finger. "Phara, who was helping us before. And waaay over there, we've got, uh, D'kai - and V'rel. I think I got that right."

"That's right," Jantha answers. "In fact..." She raises her voice. "Weyrlings, we'll do introductions properly later on. For now, though, some of you don't know us. I'm Jantha, rider of Brown Imoth, and I am the Weyrlingmaster. My assistants are V'rel, green Saganth's rider, Phara, blue Bennath's rider, and D'kai, bronze Mikhuth's." She points out those who are present. "You address us all as 'sir' or 'ma'am' as appropriate, until and unless we give you leave to do otherwise."

Dasarth is less than impressed with the way the oiling is occurring. Maybe it's not fast enough. Maybe it's too fast. Whatever the face he lets out a shrill, if quiet, objection and once more applies his head to his rider's knees. Balancing precariously to try to reach a spot without having to leave the oil in danger of being spilt W'ton goes backwards and since his hand are slick with oil they do little to steady him when he connects with the floor and just crosses his arms and glares at the hatchling who put him there. "Think you best do this yourself if you're not going to cooperate." All of this right after Jantha's made her introductions.

Hattie's fingers automatically curve gently against Elaruth's jaw in response and she whips her head back round to eye the young one, a little baffled. "Enough food," she elaborates, but then she reaches away to settle her hand at the joining of her own neck and shoulder. "You itch, though," she tells her carefully, almost chastising her. When Hattie rises to retrieve that which she needs to oil the gold, Elaruth lets out a cry that grates and has the girl clamping her hands over her ears. Yet she carries on determinedly, stating, "I'll be back in seconds. Seconds."

Chielyth bugles to echo Dasarth, abandons food to turn about and prance in place, head lowered. She -could- go pounce on her brother, she -might- go do it... but Kai lays a hand on her back and she stills. Elaruth's cry causes her wings to flare, and B'kaiv barely misses getting a talon in the face. "How'm I supposed t' keep her quiet?" he asks Jantha, dropping to his knees to wrap his arms about Chielyth. After a second he remembers, "--Ma'am."

Gedroth looks over at Chielyth curiously again and then up and over at Dasarth and the others. His green sister's prancing earns a bright warble and he mimics the movement. Not encouraging of quietness right now now. A moment later though, he's wriggling a little in place and his mindvoice isn't terribly well modulated when he claims: << Itchy! >>

"Has she had enough to eat?" Jantha asks B'kaiv. "She's just a baby, remember: easily distracted. If she's full, give her a good oiling, but try to be calm and gentle about it. If you get upset, or excited, so will she. You can help her keep calm by keeping calm yourself." She moves on to the little gold. "So, who's this, Hattie?"

Just returning to set herself down snug against Elaruth's side once again to silence another clatter of a protesting cry from the gold, Hattie looks up at Jantha just as she applies oiled rag to hide. "This is Elaruth, Ma'am," she manages, swallowing hard as that cry fades into an oddly-pitched croon. She then keeps her head down and focuses, tensed and trying to prevent another outburst from Elaruth.

Rhodya flinches, clapping her hands to her ears. It's useless in her case; as loud as the gold's shriekings were, the noise that's bothering her is in her head. "Tell you what," she says to Gedroth with a grimace. "Add 'not shouting' to the list of things you're gonna practice, right up there with chewing." But she ends with a smile, and scratches his head as she gets up to lead him towards one of the big bins of oil.

B'kaiv nods for Jantha's words and sets his jaw to coax Chielyth out of her brief dip into red-eyed anxiety brought on by Elaruth. After a few minutes he has her half on his lap, one hand brushing off the bits of sand and goo still remaining while she lips at the meat held in his other. "We'll get you oil, just a minute. You got all this stuff on you first." Movement catches his eye; he calls over to Rhodya, "Can you bring me some oil? Somebody?"

Jantha watches Hattie and Elaruth for a moment or two, then hunkers down beside the young gold and asks her rider quietly, "What's the problem with her? You seem tense: she'll pick up on that, so you need to try to keep calm and relaxed while you sort her out."

Gedroth ducks his head apologetically and tries to shove his muzzle under Rhodya's hand. << I'll try to remember, >> he promises. << But. Itchy? Please? >> And then she's leading and he's following, long legs carrying him to that bin of oil. He uses the length of his neck and a rear up onto haunches to try to see inside. << What's in here? Chielyth? Have you seen in here? >>

D'kai's mostly just drifting from here to there, wherever he might be needed: soothing a squalling green here, pacifying a frantic-looking weyrling there. Presently he passes by Rhodya, and aims a proud sort of grin her way, echoing Jantha with a, "Okay, so who's this strapping fellow? -- got it!" Since he's a 'somebody' of the appropriate type, he fetches a smaller pot for the new greenrider and totes it on over. "Could get a rag for you, too, though I find hands-on works just as well, mm?"

After a bit of slipping on oil soaked hands W'ton gets his feet under him and glares at Dasarth who just watches it all with impatiently whirling eyes. "You and me," he tells the bronze, "Are going to have to come to an understanding." He gets back to work on the oiling and when he's getting the bronze's neck he gets a loud belch of meat breath in thanks.

Rhodya fills the pot that D'kai takes to Chielyth, handing it off with a grin for him and then for Kai. "With our compliments, Chielyth," she tells the dragonet. "Anything for our favorite green." Was that Gedroth's opinion? Maybe not, but so what? Her hand snaps out to steady the oil barrel that her brown is now putting his paws on, and which she lets him investigate. "This is Gedroth," she answers D'kai, "and I'm Rhodya. Nice meetin' you, sir." She'd shake his hand, but well, dragon. She snaps her fingers near Gedroth's head, telling him, "Once you get down off there, I'll make your itches go away." Carrot, not stick.

Oh look, someone else new to meet and Gedroth swings his head up out of the barrel of oil with a little dripping of his muzzle and regards D'kai with interest. But. Making itches better. Down come paws and he leaaaans into Rhodya. Yes please!

"I'm trying," Hattie answers Jantha curtly, voice clipped. Evidently not trying hard enough, for Elaruth stretches and presses her head against the young woman's chest, determined to get closer, though it would seem that Hattie herself is the gold's problem and as soon as she starts taking slower breaths and making slower motions with the rag, Elaruth draws away a little and goes still, flicking her tail to curl around her haunches. "That noise she makes," Hattie murmurs. "It can't be right."

Chielyth wriggles happily on Kai's lap like she'll just snuggle down right there and fall asleep. Only no, wait - she has to nibble at her forelegs, her feet, trying to chase those itches away. "Thanks," Kai says to the bronzerider and sets the oil safely out of Chielyth's reach. "Uh - I was just going t' use my hands, but if you want t' bring me a rag?" Again there's a pause. "Sir?" << That looks -very- interesting, >> Chielyth agrees to Gedroth, as clouds of sleepy veil her sun. << I will come look later. >>

"Gedroth," the bronzerider regards the brown just as he looks back, and salutes the little hatchling with a chuckle. "And likewise, Rhodya. I'm D'kai, of Mikhuth -- you'll be seeing more of us around, eh?" Head turning, now, as though following her words to Kai, Deke oohs appreciatively, nodding down at Chielyth and encompassing B'kaiv, too, with a good-natured wink. "A suitor already!" But in all seriousness: "She's very pretty. Chielyth. Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?" A rag! Right. He'll get one of those, quickly passing one to the new greenrider, and then one to the new brownrider.

"Oh, but just think how much racket a human baby makes," Jantha chuckles. "This is one /big/ baby girl, right now, and it looks to me as if she's a little bit clingy. But move gently, think calmly, reassure her lots, and just for now, don't get too far away. The whole world's brand new, and you're the only thing she really knows at the moment."

"Thanks," Rhodya answers Deke brightly, taking the rag. She hugs Gedroth against her leg, taking a selfish moment to just enjoy knowing he's there before she actually gets down to the business of /oiling/ him. Starting with the tip of his nose, where there's already some oil, she begins working it into his muzzle. If dragons could go cross-eyed, he probably would from his efforts to watch that rag, but instead his eyes just become colorful and spin quickly. "Nuh-uh, not related to ribbons. The point is, ribbons are pretty. This old thing ain't pretty."

Ahead of the game, that's Dasarth. He's not interested in being the last in line so he was one of the first to finish eating, having done it quite a bit faster than the others, and now his tail swishes impatiently for the oiling to be done and done right. W'ton's dealing with whatever orders issued by the bronze well enough although he's not quite up to the task of doing and listening and talking all at the same time. So he fumbles a bit with the oil and slops too much this time on the bronze's hindquarter.

Hattie looks just a little bit horrified - or terrified - when Jantha speaks the word 'clingy' and fixes Elaruth with a stare that dares her to prove the Weyrlingmaster right. In response, Elaruth merely chirps and sets her muzzle down on Hattie's shoulder contentedly, then makes that same odd noise right in her ear. The young woman slumps again, but doesn't make to do anything about her situation. Instead, she leans her head back against her lifemate's and closes her eyes briefly. "Yes, Ma'am," Hattie utters. "I'll try." She yawns. "I think I'm - she's - sleepy. Bedtime, maybe."

"If you've finished oiling her, pick yourselves a couch and get her into it," Jantha suggests, and gets back to her feet. "After she's asleep, you'll probably find you're not sleepy any more. Don't worry, you'll soon learn to tell the difference between you and her."

"Chielyth," B'kaiv repeats, and if he lingers over all three syllables, well... perhaps he can be excused. For today, anyway. "I was supposed t' get a big brown," he tells D'kai, with a glance at Dasarth but not naming his color, "and Rhodya a pretty little green." Awkwardly he dips the rag into the oil and dabs it onto her neck; on his second try he nudges her muzzle out of the way to apply it to her feet.

Hattie nods many times over once more and gently unwraps Elaruth from around her as she makes to push herself to her feet. "I will. Thank you, Ma'am," she says to Jantha, even with her eyes roaming over Elaruth and the small - tiny tiny - steps the gold takes as Hattie begins to direct her towards a couch. The first one won't do - too close to the noise -, nor the second - even the air itself seems to move loudly there - but the third is acceptable and Elaruth decides that she's down for the next few hours at least. Hattie sits right there beside her as she drifts off to sleep, running soothing hands along what she can reach of her, curled up as Elaruth is, and yes, Jantha is right, the more the gold drifts off, the more alert Hattie becomes.

For B'kaiv's rhetorical comment D'kai has a rhetorical question: "But would you trade her for all the browns in Pern? Hey, man," now he chuckles, reaching down partway but not-quite to motion in demonstration, "Smooth little circles. Work with her hide. You'll get enough practise soon enough to do it in your sleep." He'll forgive the awkwardness /now/, but /next time/... Deke tsks in jest, balling fists on his hips, though the expression quickly dissolves into a tender, lopsided grin directed over his shoulder at Rhodya and her new lifemate.

With Elaruth settled and the barracks noticeably quieter, Jantha picks her way between oily hatchlings until she comes to W'ton and his bronze. "How are you two getting on?" She eyes the puddle of spilled oil. "You'd better clear that up before you or someone else slip."

The battle of wills between bronze and rider continues on in silence and oil shiny hands rest on the dragonet's back as W'ton looks up at Jantha and nods. "We're doing fine, ma'am. Going to get on that right quick as soon as I am done here. Nearly there and-" Glaring down at the bronze he looks back up. "Sorry, ma'am. Going to get right on it unless you'd rather I leave him undone and do it first?"

Pushing through the rag that's wiping his face, Gedroth presses his nose insistently up to Rhodya's shoulder. In doing so, his gaze falls on Deke, and he meets that tender expression with curiosity in his own. "All right, I get it: I'll slap more on you, Mr. Greedy." He chirrups at Deke. "Huh?" Now Rhodya looks at him, too, twisting around so she can see. She grins. "He wants to know what you were lookin' at him for." She dips her rag back into the oil can, getting sloppy amounts of it this time, and flops it into Gedroth's shoulder. As much as he was looking forward to that feeling, he's not in the least distracted from looking at Deke when it happens.

B'kaiv doesn't even have to think about it: "No." He scowls at the demonstration, though in thoughtfulness, not ire; after a few seconds he nods and tries this whole 'oil in circles' thing himself. "If you go t' sleep," the big man tells the tiny green fondly, "I could go see 'bout other people. --No, I ain't gonna leave you if you ain't sleeping. Here, move your nose." He turns her feet over and oils them, and Chielyth broadcasts a birdsong of pleasure that the itching is gone. Going. Will be gone.

Jantha shakes her head. "Do him first, but don't let either of you slip on it." She looks sternly at the bronzerider - if you ignore the hint of a grin that's playing on her lips. "I really don't want to have to deal with him if you slip and knock yourself out on the floor. Try not putting quite so much on at once."

"Very good, ma'am," W'ton tells Jantha with a nod of his head. "Nearly done and I'll be ready for his tricks next time so this won't happen. Will make sure none of us slip." He lifts an oil soaked hand and rubs his head. "Don't think I want to hit my head on stone. Done that before." Then he's done enough talking because Dasarth wants his attention and makes this known by whipping his tail to crack against his rider's shins.

Straightening and moving back a pace to give B'kaiv room to spare for his efforts, D'kai adds with a chuckle, "Well, s'what I find works best, but so long as you're getting oil on her, it's probably doing good. She getting tired?" He nods, once, to the green, before his gaze drifts on back towards Gedroth and Rhodya -- more specifically, the brown, meeting the dragonet's inquisitiveness by sketching a bow mid-air, addressing him: "It's only that we've all been terrible excited to see who was inside those eggs for all that time, Gedroth. And now you're out here, I can't help but to look at the handsome brown that came out, eh?" Beyond her brown, Rhodya receives another jaunty wink.

"I should discourage that now, if I were you," Jantha advises. "If he's still doing it a few sevendays from now, he'll have you off your feet." She steps back, taking care to avoid the oily patches on the floor, and moves on to talk to another pair.

W'ton finishes up with Dasarth and before he can find a couch for the bronze he has to clean up the mess. He does so swiftly and leaves not a spot of oil behind for someone to slip on. Then him and the bronze go to find a couch. It's probably little surprise to some that where they wind up is right across the aisle from where Hattie and Elaruth wound up. That's where the pair stay as it seems Dasarth is fighting sleep and W'ton's there until he stops.

Rhodya herself preens a bit when she hears her dragon complimented, though Gedroth just absorbs the information like the sponge he is. D'kai - sentimental. Got it. "It /was/ exciting, wasn't it?" his rider reflects, sentimental herself. "My gosh, I felt like I just walked out there, and whack, there he is. And I didn't even see you Impress, Kai; I mighta screamed." So it's for the best she was distracted, right? Right.

"Yeah," Kai agrees with a yawn he doesn't bother to hide. Chielyth doesn't hide hers either, so they make a charming couple. Eventually she drops right off to sleep still on his lap, and he finishes the last little bit of oiling before slipping his arms beneath her and picking her up entirely, limp tail drooping. "Think I'm gonna go see about that feast," he says after depositing the green tenderly onto a couch that utterly dwarfs her. "'M I s'posed t' go like this?" He plucks at the oil-and-blood stained robe that displays his knees to great advantage.

Deke chuckles. "You can clean yourself up a bit, if you like. I'm sure you wouldn't be the only one down at the baths, and I don't expect the feast will be over quite so soon. Put some pants on, at the very least," the bronzerider muses. "Of only for the sake of everyone else's appetite." Joke, joke. But really. Pants. To Rhodya, he says, "whoosh, all those weeks and weeks of chores just blown right out the window, huh? But worth it. Always worth it."

"Oh, yeah," Rhodya agrees, hugging Gedroth to her side again. Not a good move: he's oily, and now she's got oil all over her robe. She wrinkles her nose and plucks it away from her skin, where's it's trying to form a seal, but that's all she can do. "The number of times I complained about all them chores," she says, chuckling ruefully. "And about how long this little baby was taking to hatch. It is worth it, though." Her smile melts as she watches Gedroth, who's slowly getting sleepy, lean into the last few rubs of the oil rag.

Deke, eyeing that drooping brown, rubs his fingers against his chin and then nods towards a near, empty couch; the others are fast filling up as the rest of the newly Impressed lead their sleepy lifemates off to rest. "He's one of the bigger browns, so maybe you'll want to get him set up before he falls asleep on you properly?" Just a suggestion, and the bronzerider grins a wide grin.

"Good point," Rhodya chuckles, pushing the big head that's come to rest on her knee. Gedroth flutters his wings, but groggily moves away and gets to his feet. Being born is hard work, y'know. He swings his head around, looking up and down the barracks, and eventually returns to peer at Rhodya. "Tell you what, baby. You can pick." Well, he's tired, so that's easy: Gedroth goes gliding, in that strangely fluid step of his, over to the nearest empty cot, just up from his favorite green, and promptly flops down there. Job done. Baby out. Rhodya laughs softly. "It's gonna be crazy when they all wake up," she predicts as she gets to her feet.

There. D'kai, watching Gedroth make his way to bed, crosses his arms, nods once. "Good," he pronounces, and then waggles his head, encouraging, towards Rhodya. "Go on, enjoy yourself! I'll be here, at the very least, to keep an eye on them. And you'll know the instant he wakes up, too. Not that I except you lot will be able to keep /yourselves/ awake for much longer." Impressing is hard work, too! Either way: "Well, congratulations, Rhodya."

"Oh, I feel ready to /drop/, but I gotta go hug my Papa," Rhodya explains. Just the thought of it already has her a little excited again, a slim remainder of her enthusiasm from the Hatching brought back to life. "Thanks, sir!" The title is formal, but her broad, happy grin is certainly not. "I'd shake your hand, but well," she gestures at herself. "Dirty all /over/. I'll see you!" Waving at him before she turns to go, Rhodya slinks out of the barracks as quietly as she can, lest she wake any of the other sleepers on her way out.