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Welcome Weyrlings!

Latest Announcement: Congratulations Weyrlings from Peirith and Zaiventh's Clutch!

The primary purpose of this site is sharing your vignettes and RP logs. The WLM-team will also post any relevant class-RP logs here and announcements will be cross-posted here and on the game.

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Time: It is an autumn morning, 8:46 of day 14, month 12, turn 19 of Interval 10.
Place: Fort's bowl
Players: B'kaiv, Jantha, Chielyth, Imoth
Scene: The weyrlingmaster has concerns about Chielyth's visualizations.

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It's not exactly applicable, but we might find some useful tidbits while we all have formations on the brain:

Flight Sim Air Combat
Time: It is a spring dusk, 18:33 of day 22, month 4, turn 19 of Interval 10.
Place: Weyrling Barracks, Fort Weyr.
Players: B'kaiv, Cirse, Phara, Y'nolek, Agrith, Chielyth
Scene: The Weyrwoman stops by for a visit with words of advice.

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Time: Mid-afternoon, day 5, month 3, turn 19 of Interval 10.
Place: Weyrling Barracks, Fort Weyr.
Players: Hattie, Jantha.
Scene: Jantha teaches Hattie relaxation.

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Gedroth is melting!

Who: Jantha, Kai, W’ton, Hattie, Rhodya, Phara, Chielyth, Elaruth, Gedroth
Where: Within the barracks
When: It is a winter afternoon, 15:11 of day 24, month 2, turn 19 of Interval 10.
What: Weyrlings get knots and haircuts; dragons get hairy.

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The offical hatching log is posted on the Fort Weyr@NorConMUSH LJ.
Who: B'kaiv and Chielyth, D'kai, Hattie and Elaruth, Jantha, Phara, Rhodya and Gedroth, W'ton and Dasarth
Where: Weyrling barracks
When: Mid-morning on day 21, month 2, turn 19
What: Post hatching the new dragons demand food and oiling and attention. The weyrlingstaff oversee it all.

Stolen from W'ton, further appended by D'kai with additional poses

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[PernMUSH] Pickup RP Log: Flaming Ropes

Who: A'riste, D'kai, Valioth, Mikhuth, NPCS: Saryan/Sayarith, Neala/Twilith, G'ben/Vrusith, Z'eren/Falstath, J'vran/Namuth
When: 9:07 on day 21, month 6, Turn 17, of the Interval.
Where: Fort Weyr Bowl, by the weyrling barracks
What: A group of Weyrlings get up into the air to flame some ropes out of the sky.

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[NorCon] Pickup RP: Flaming Practice

Who: Paige, P'draig, Jekzith, Tiasheth, NPCs: G'ben/Vrusith, Neala/Twilith, Saryan/Sayarith, Ph'lyp/Daizath, Z'eren/Falstath
When: 8th month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Center of the Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: Flaming practice with straw piles.

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[NorCon] Log: Pickup RP: Flaming Practice

Who: D'kai, Mikhuth, P'draig, Jekzith, Sunniva, NPCS: G'ben, Neala, Saryan, Ph'lyp, Z'eren
What: Flaming lessons with P'draig and the class; Sunniva shows up, still in search of her sister..
When: It is afternoon in summer; day 7, month 6, turn 17 of Interval 10.
Where: Central Bowl, Fort Weyr, NorConMUSH

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OOC: Dragon Setup on PernMUSH!

Hey there folks, here's a setup guide for getting your dragon built on PernMUSH when the game comes back up.

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Update from Dyane

Dyane sneaks on from work and waves. "I just wanted to pop on and touch base with you all. I know with recent events folks are concerned about things and I want to reassure anyone with any questions. We will be back. We have a machine (it's more powerful and on a more stable connection). I'm waiting for Jellan to install the game, move over the DB (it has all the info up to the day of the crash - he spent a couple of days trying to get the hard drive up long enough to grab the DB). I don't knwo when Jellan will do the install atm. I left him a few messages and I'm hping he's not out of town on business. We don't hold any grudges with folks at all. If people want to play on the new game, that's great. If they want to stay here, that's great. If they want to do both, that's great. :) There's plenty of room on the internet for many Pern games. We aren't going to lock folks out, not let them @dec their chars, rooms, etc.

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As you may have heard or seen from the LJ posts and TooMUSH posts, a new game called NorConMUSH has opened. Transfers are open for PernMUSH characters to transfer to NorConMUSH and I hope that you'll join me there.

For those electing not to transfer, I will be maintaining P'draig on both games until the conclusion of Weyrlinghood during the first week of September. Once Weyrlinghood has concluded, I will complete P'draig's transfer to NorConMUSH and the character will fade into NPCdom on PernMUSH having retired from the WLM position.

The address for NorConMUSH is norcon.genesismuds.com 4210

See you out there on either game!



Who: A'riste, D'kai, Paige, P'draig, Sunniva, Valioth, Mikhuth, Tiasheth, Jekzith
When: Late 6th month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: A group of excited weyrlings makes its first airborne lap around the bowl to the audience of Berit's newly arrived sister, complete with much grinning, cheering, and in Saryan's case, a little air sickness. Valioth and Tiasheth are cute, A'riste and Paige apologize for each other's dragons, and the latter begins to come to a somewhat surprising conclusion.

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Log: Hunting Practice

Who: P'draig, Jekzith, D'kai, Mikhuth, Paige, Tiasheth, Nerine, Zerith, Jendel, Keseth
When: 5th month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Feeding Grounds, Fort Weyr
What: P'draig takes a group out for hunting practice/first hunt. D'kai and Jendel're fine, Paige gets green and Nerine gets testy.

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Announcement: Mounted Flying Lesson

Hey y'all,

Thursday's RP session will cover mounted flying since it falls close to the end of the week. Feel free to RP around mounting/dismounting, first solo glide, dragon's solo flying practice or getting a first hunt or general hunt in throughout the week.

I'll be around a little bit more the next few days for pickup RP.


Log: Scheduled RP: Mounting and Dismounting

Who: A'riste, Berit, D'kai, Jendel, Paige, P'draig, Valioth, Zibeth, Mikhuth, Keseth, Tiasheth
When: Mid-Spring, Turn 17, Months 3 and 4 of Weyrlinghood
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: The Weyrlings get a strap check before mounting a-dragonback on their dragonets for the first time. Dismounting gets a little pre-empted by an unexpected injury.

Thanks to tiasheth for the log.

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Log: Too Soon To Fly

Who: A'riste, D'kai, Nerine, P'draig, Valioth, Mikhuth, Zerith, Jekzith
When: 4/6/17
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: Zerith's a little too fast off the block into the air and suffers the consequences requiring intervention from the Weyrlingmaster and an abject lesson for the rest of the Weyrlings in waiting until the dragonets are ready before hitting the sky.

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Log: Tangled Up In Straps

Who: P'draig, A'riste, Valioth, D'kai, Mikhuth, Imirath
When: 3/31/17
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: Post-straps lesson, straps are in the offing and Imirath is doing a bit of his own teaching on the side.

Stolen from lost_my_shoes

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Log: Scheduled RP: Sandbag Toss

Who: D'kai, Mikhuth, Jendel, Keseth, Paige, Tiasheth, NPCs: Neala, Saryan, Ph'lyp, D'bor, G'ben, Z'eren, J'vran
When: 3/26/17 or early second month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: The Weyrlings start sandbag tossing practice. Paige has a cold and P'draig orders her to rest up.

Thanks to tiasheth for the clean log.

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Who: A'riste, D'kai, Jendel, Nerine, Paige, Valioth, Mikhuth, Keseth, Zerith, Tiasheth. NPCs: D'bor and Ossierth, G'ben and Vrusith, Neala and Twilith, J'vran and Namuth
When: First month of Weyrlinghood
Where: Bowl Outside the Barracks, Fort Weyr
What: Half the Weyrlings get visualization practice while the other half clean up the Barracks. Tomorrow they get to switch! But for today, this group has an image to pass along correctly down a chain of dragons.

Thanks to tiasheth for the clean log.

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Log: Visualization Game: Blindfolded

Who: A'riste, Berit, D'kai, Nerine, T'aren, Valioth, Zibeth, Mikhuth, Zerith, Teusath
When: Early Month Three, Turn 17
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
What: Weyrling Training Exercises

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Announcement: Game Update

Next Week - New BoxCollapse )

What this means for Fort's Weyrlings:

  • We'll continue to RP the program as outlined on the website on TooMUSH in the faboo grid A'riste and Paige and others built for us.

  • As concerns the passage of time this past week was month 3 of Turn 17, but the dragons are aging on double-time so while only a month has passed to +time, on Sunday they should be starting their 3rd month.

  • PernMUSH Timescale: Every Sunday is the 1st. Every Monday is the 6th. Every Tuesday is the 11th. Every Wednesday is the 16th. Every Thursday is the 21st. Every Friday is the 26th. Every Saturday is the 31st. For the remainder of this week, we are in Month 3. All of next week is Month 4.

  • When the game comes back up, I don't know if time will have frozen where it was, or if it'll pick up having bridged the time that's passed in between. Either way, we won't be repeating weeks - we'll just keep going from where we are in the Weyrling program as if the game hadn't gone down.

  • DTUs and Dragons - as stated in other updates, I don't know how the downtime will affect getting DTUs and dragons on the game when it returns. I'll do my best to make sure this process is expedited as much as possible. If you find yourself DTU and dragonless, please feel free to emit your dragon in your poses in RP.

  • Keep watching Too, here and the Fort Weyr LJ for future announcements and instructions from area leaders and wizards and hopefully we'll be back 'home' soon but on a new box with a better, more stable connection! As always, please don't hesitate to contact me or the WLs or any of the WLM-team if you have questions or concerns.


Log Hair Cuts

Who: A'riste, Berit, D'kai, Paige, X'den, P'draig, unnamed assistant
When: Just after breakfast, 3/3/17
Where: Weyrling Barracks, Fort Weyr
What: Many of the weyrlings get their hair cut.

Moreta, it's said, had short hair.Collapse )

Log: Post-Hatching RP in the Barracks

Who: A'riste, Berit, D'kai, Jendel, Nerine, Paige, X'den, Valioth, Zibeth, Mikhuth, Keseth, Zerith, Tiasheth, Zhoroth, Acadia, P'draig, T'aren, S'fox, Jekzith
When: 2/31/17
Where: Weyrling Barracks, Fort Weyr
What: The Weyrlings invade the Barracks to feed and oil their newfound partners.

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Code Note: Puppets

Just a note on code on TooMush. If you choose to make a dragon puppet, follow these instructions to get the code to work:

To make/set up dragon:
1) @create Dragonth
2) @set Dragonth=commands
3) @set Dragonth=inherit
4) @set Dragonth=puppet

Set the following on yourself:
1) @set me=commands
2) @set me=inherit
3) &cmd-dragon me=$ddo *:@fo #DBREF=%0

Replace DBREF with the number of the dragon object

Now type ddo :blah blah blah to test.


Log Hatching (From the Galleries) Part 2

When: 2/31/17
Where: Galleries, Fort Weyr
What: Ciath and Soldreth's eggs hatch. From the Galleries.

Part 2Collapse )

Log: Hatching! (From the Galleries) Part 1

When: 2/31/17
Where: Galleries, Fort Weyr
What: Ciath and Soldreth's eggs hatch. From the Galleries.

HatchingCollapse )

What Days/Times for Scheduled RP?

Hey there all! As we kick off Weyrlinghood, we'd like to know when the best times are to get together to do group RP sessions. Please vote in the poll below to let us know what your choices are.

-- Paddy

Poll #1226254 Scheduled RP Sessions

What day/time is best for Scheduled RP Sessions?


Weyrling Program: Index

Below, please find the outline of Fort's Weyrling Program.
Please check in each week to see what stage your dragonets are expected to have reached and what responsibilities are outlined for you ICly and OOCly. The goal of the program is to foster RP around the suggested topics, so please feel free to do pick-up RP pretty much any time following the guidelines. We’ll also have two scheduled RP sessions each week, one set earlier in the day the other later that will cover applicable topics. These are a chance for you all to interact with each other and the WLM-team in a group setting. We encourage attendance at a minimum of four of these sessions, but attendance is not required. You must however, demonstrate to the Weyrlingmaster that you understand the contents of the lessons on Between and Mating Flights and if you want to learn the DTU destination for Shipfish Island (not accessible via the pre-programmed dtu dests) you'll need to either attend class or ping one of the WLM-team, a mentor or Wingleader to teach you the destination.

As an alternative to on-camera RP, we've also adopted vignettes as a facet of the program. Vignettes are intended to highlight character development between yourself and your dragon. A range of prompts for vignettes are provided each week, but you're not limited to the prompts. Please write your vignettes either in the Fortlings Livejournal or send them into the Weyrlingmaster for posting if you don't want to start a character-LJ.

Have a look through the pages and don't hesitate to ask any questions that you may have either via +mail or pinging one of us on the game!

An Introduction to Weyrlinghood
All the Code You Need
Rules & Restrictions
Requirements for Tapping
General Education
Physical Training
Week 1 - Bonding
Week 2 - Straps
Week 3 - Flying
Week 4 - Flaming &
Week 5 - Between
Week 6 - Mating Flights
Week 7 - Weyrling Duty & Wing Tapping

Weyrling Program: Code

Rounded up into one location, here's all the code you’ll need throughout Weyrlinghood.

Dragon SetupCollapse )

Couch SetupCollapse )

+pos SetupCollapse )

DTU CommandsCollapse )

Flying AroundCollapse )

Weyrling Program: Rules

Weyrlinghood comes with rules. Below you'll find an outline of what to expect in terms of restrictions for Weyrlings and dragonets at Fort. Please note that we take a gradual approach to the various restrictions: they're tightest at the beginning when the dragonets are younger and more sensitive, but relax over the course of the program.

If you wish to bend or break any of the rules, be aware that IC actions = IC consequences. Feel free to contact the WLM-team if you'd like to officially get into trouble or organize plot arcs around breaking the rules, it can be fun RP!
The RulesCollapse )

Weyrling Program: Requirements

To qualify for wing tapping you'll need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • RPd with some consistency through Weyrlinghood.

  • Read the DTU and Mating Flight Lessons.

  • Send +mail feedback on the Weyrling Program at the end of the cycle.

Ping P'draig if you think you may have issues meeting these requirements - we can work something out!

Weyrling Program: General Education

During weyrlinghood, lessons tend to be very flexible to accommodate the different availabilities and experience of different weyrlings. Each Weyrling will be evaluated by the Weyr's Harpers and Healers at the start of Weyrlinghood and class assignments will be made based on those evaluations (this can be played out or not, as the player wishes). Weyrlings will find that these classes can occur at any time during the day, for varying durations and with varying groups of peers. Rarely will the whole class have a lesson at the same time.

LessonsCollapse )

Weyrling Program: Physical Training

Physical training is part of the daily grind of weyrlinghood, aiming to give each new rider the strength, stamina and overall health to deal with the rigors of riderdom. Most of these exercises will start out at an easy to moderate pace with their difficulty increasing as weyrlinghood progresses.

Physical Training ExercisesCollapse )

Weyrling Program: Week 1, Bonding

To Do This Week (Months 1 & 2)

  • Examine your dragon and get familiar with him/her. Go through dragon setup and bring any problems up with the WLM-team. Feel free to set up a Couch object in the Barracks. This is optional.

  • Read the DTU How-To and +mail the WLM-team when you're done.

  • Read the materials listed under "Additional Resources" if desired to find out more about dragon anatomy and what goes into the daily care of a baby dragon.

  • One RP Session on one of the topics for the week.

  • RP, RP, RP!

Week 1Collapse )

Weyrlinghood Program: Week 2, Straps

To Do This Week (Months 3 & 4)

  • One RP session on one of the topics for the week.

  • Pick-up RP around a milestone or write a vignette on one of the RP/Vignette prompts from the list on this page.

  • Optional: Read the strapmaking lecture if you'd like to know more OOC about how dragonriders' straps are made.

Week 2Collapse )
This “lesson” actually comprises an overview of what many, many strapmaking lessons will look like during the next several IC months. Only a few sessions will actually involve the weyrling staff instructing weyrlings in a large group. Most will actually consist of an instructor taking a few aside in small groups, reviewing the work they’ve done and assigning new projects.
Week 2, Lesson: StrapmakingCollapse )

Weyrling Program: Week 3, Flying

To Do This Week (Months 5 & 6)

  • One RP session on one of the topics for the week.

  • Pick-up RP around one of the week's milestones.

  • Pick-up RP or write a vignette on one of the RP/Vignette prompts listed on this page.

  • Try flying around the sky rooms at Fort. If you encounter any problems with passing the skylocks or other issues, please let the WLM-team know as soon as possible.

Week 3Collapse )

To Do This Week (Months 7 & 8 )

  • One RP Session on one of the topics for the week.

  • Read the the lessons and manuals under "Additional Resources" if you'd like more information about how formations, firestone and flaming work to help add detail to your RP.

  • Pick-up RP around the week's milestones or an RP prompt.

  • Write a vignette about one of the RP/Vignette prompts.

Week 4Collapse )
Firestone is sent to the Weyr from mines and quarries that exist specifically for this purpose. It is a lightweight, porous, phosphine-rich, gray-brown rock. The miners send firestone of varying quality to the Weyr, but no firestone with major impurities is used as such impurities could harm the dragons.

Firestone & FlamingCollapse )
This 'manual' covers the basic formations and mutations of threadfall. W'lings
have been practicing these manuevers from the first week after Hatching on --
first alone, then with their 'mates. Formations will be practiced in groups
of three, then six, nine, and twelve, first by marching on the ground (humans,
then pairs), then in the air.
Formations ManualCollapse )

Weyrling Program: Week 5, Between

To Do This Week ( Months 9 & 10 )

  • One RP Session around one of the topics for the week.

  • Read the DTU Tips under "Additional Resources". Let the WLM-team know when you've read and we'll get you setup for Between

  • Pick-up RP around one of the milestones or RP prompts for the week.

  • Write a vignette about one of the prompts for the week.

Week 5Collapse )

Weyrling Program: Week 5, Lesson: DTU Tips

This week is all about Between, so here’s some commands to help with learning to go Between on PernMUSH!
DTU TipsCollapse )

Weyrling Program: Week 6, Mating Flights

To Do This Week ( Months 11 & 12 ):

  • One RP Session around the topics for the week.

  • Read the the lessons and manuals listed under "Additional Resources". Feel free to RP around the material presented. If you have any questions IC or OOC, ping the WLM-team.

  • Pick-up RP around a milestone or RP prompt for the week.

  • Write a vignette about one of the promtps for the week.

Week 6Collapse )
Males often take to the skies in chase before their female siblings are ready to rise. It's common for a male dragon’s first chase to go strangely; often the young male loses interest midway through or misses out on blooding and tires too early to have a chance of catching the flying female. These early efforts are part of the ‘growing pains’ of the maturation process.

A female dragon's first flight can be a trying experience for her rider. Later on, the rider’s past experience along with the dragon’s full maturity usually offer the pair warning enough of the impending mating flight that they can prepare, but many first flights catch a rider somewhat off guard. This kind of ‘oops, surprise’ becomes increasingly rare after a first flight - the hallmarks of a female readying to rise and mate become very clear to a rider after one or two experiences.
IC Mating Flight LessonCollapse )